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The High Speed Ditching Facility (HSDF) Inaugural event will be held at the CNR-INM premises in Rome, Italy the 4th of October 2018. The main aim of this event is to present, to both EU and Italian level, the research activities performed within the SARAH project. The focus will be targeted on the recent upgrade of the High Speed Ditching Facility (HSDF) at CNR INstitute of Marine engineering, enabling unprecedented opportunities for state-of-the-art large-scale validation tests on aircraft ditching.

The upgraded facility is unique in Europe and worldwide as such research facility could become an important asset for the European aviation research community, e.g. Aircraft OEMs (and the supply chain), RTOs and universities, including the certification authorities (e.g. EASA) which are involved in ditching tests standardization and certification.

The event is twofold: the HSDF inaugural event which will be held in the morning followed by a facility tour and a technical workshop in the afternoon.

During the inaugural event, policy makers, EU and stakeholders, including certification authorities, will participate among others, whilst during the technical workshop, the SARAH project activities and main achievements (on both model development and testing activities) will be presented. EU research institutions working in the same field will be also invited to present their activities and to share knowledge.

The facility is composed by a rectilinear guide, with a total length of about 64m, suspended through five bridges over the CNR-INM towing tank (470m long, 13.5m wide, 6.5m deep). The guide can be inclined in order to achieve different vertical / horizontal velocity ratios, in the range 1.5/30 to 1.5/50. The specimen to be tested is attached beneath a box structure which hosts the on board acquisition system. The box structure is mounted on a trolley running along the guide. The system composed by the trolley, the box structure and the specimen is accelerated by a catapult made by 8 elastic cords in a V-shaped configuration.

The horizontal speed of the trolley can reach a horizontal velocity of 47 m/s, which allows capturing of all relevant hydrodynamic phenomena (e.g. cavitation/ventilation) as well as a reliable reproduction of the fluid-structure interaction when testing structural components.
The acceleration system leaves the system just before the impact so that there are no other forces acting on the trolley during the impact. Due to the large mass of the system (more than 800 kg) the velocity reduction during the test is negligible.

The specimen to be tested is equipped with probes to measure pressures, strains and accelerations. In order to measure the hydrodynamic loads acting on the specimen, the box structure is connected to the trolley by six piezoelectric load cells. A total of 40 channels can be acquired on board with a sampling rate up to 200 kS/s per channel. The test is recorded by two high speed cameras, one located at the side, which is also used to evaluate the test speed, and one positioned underwater.













13:45 18:30


Welcome | D. Ranocchia, A. Iafrati (CNR-INM)

Dr. E. Campana (Director of the CNR Dept. of Engineering, ICT and Technologies for energy & Transportation)

Dr. S. Adden (IBK – Germany • SARAH Coordinator)

Dr. D. Violato (EU Commission - INEA, Head of Sector Aviation Research and SARAH Project Officer)

Dr. W. Doeland (European Aviation Safety Agency - EASA)

Dr. P. Lanzi (Deep Blue Srl • Representative of the RINGO Project)

Representative of the Italian Cluster for Aerospace

Dr. F. Lange (Airbus Operation • member of the SARAH Consortium)

Opening of the High Speed Ditching Facility

Buffet held at the Head of Towing and Wave Tanks experimental facilities

CNR-INM Facilities Tour

Technical Workshop

The event is hosted by the CNR-INM

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 724139.

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